An Overview Of Close Protection Services

If you choose to utilize contracted security guards to protect your company and individuals you should use the following tips to make certain you get the quality you pay for. We will say that it may cost you more to get this quality but if you force the contracted security company to work for lower price they will deliver lower standard guards in some cases, but more importantly, should they accept your low price it means they are saving money elsewhere. These security companies will have lower quality controls and increased number of security concerns as a result of poor occupational health and safety systems. All clients want security guards that can speak English well so their customers can understand instructions and directions clearly. Their verbal skills are also needed to resolve conflicts peacefully. Security guards main duty is to discover security problems and safety hazards before they become an problem for your business. Most security training courses don’t teach observation skills in any form. These training companies think that people have eyes and have been using them for their whole life so they know how to observe already. Completely wrong. That’s like saying that because we have been eating food all our lives we could be food critics and know how to judge a chefs product. If you are looking to learn more about close protection services, take a look at previously mentioned website.

Every security company and contracted customer states that the most significant element for employing security guards is their capability to deter crime and they don’t want guards to arrest of use reasonable force to control unwanted behaviour. No safety training educates new guards how to deter criminal conduct. So is it any reason why everyone automatically assumes that the new security guard can prevent crime. You as the customer take it for granted that the security company has actually tested or confirmed that the performance ability of their security guards. Most never run performance checks in any form, and others that do, do not check actual security abilities – they evaluate the guard based on the number of shifts they do to the company and if they whine about the security company. Just because some guards have been in the industry for years does not mean they know how to provide security in your company. Give the security guard a test in their verbal battle handling skills be pretending to be a complaining customer. Start looking for their responses. Give the guard a written test which consists of security questions and knowledge that a level 2/3 guard must know to get their qualification. Ask the guard how much experience they have in handling security in a business exactly like yours or very similar. Ask for proof and ask they demonstrate their experience in a work trial by explaining to you the most common security problems in your type of business. Ask when the last time they had a performance assessment done on them and what sort of questions did the security manager ask them.

What was their performance rating. Ask them to describe how they plan to deter criminal behaviour to leave your organization. Have they thought about it or are they just relying upon their size. Trust me on this- size has little impact on deterrence to most real criminals. Give them a photograph of two people and ask them to look at it for 5 seconds. Then ask them to describe the person that you request. They need to get all the details right. You do not want security guards that can’t even describe a photographed person. In a real event with darkness and adrenalin going they’ll make mistakes. Hold interviews with your security guards before the security company assign them to protect you. During the interview run the mentioned tests and queries but also ask the guard to let you know about a tell he had to manage an assault and listen to how they dealt with it. Pay attention to the level of verbal skills used during the interview. Especially the number of incorrect words used and lengthy pauses while they think of the words to use. This sort of skills indicates poor verbal ability and comprehension during normal conversation they’ll struggle during security incidents. If they must repeat themselves so you know what they’re saying- don’t use them. Avoid using any safety guards that feel they must have bald heads or crew cuts because they do not want their hair grabbed during a fight. They shouldn’t need to struggle if they know how to do their job properly. This goes the same for guards which refuse to wear ties if someone grabs it during a struggle. Get elastic or clip on ties. Problem solved. Ask how long they have worked for this security company. Security companies have high turnover and toss inexperienced guards at customers every month or even worse, they use sub-contracted guards that you don’t have any quality control over and the security company doesn’t even know them.